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Emr / Ehr

EMR (Electronic Medical records)/EHR (Electronic Health Records)

The patient data management is one of the crucial tasks in any healthcare organization. The sharing, viewing and transferring the files seems to be a time-consuming process. But not anymore. We have a solution to manage and access patient data through a modern method.

HospitalSuccess provides EMR (Electronic Medical records) or EHR (Electronic Health Records) which are the easiest possible way to access and share the patient related information. The EMR or EHR by HospitalSuccess is designed with the top-notch technology focusing to provide the extra level of patient’s comfort. EMR or EHR is the easiest and the most convenient way to access and share patient information.

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HospitalSuccess EMR / EHR features

  •  The patient data can be accessed through specific electronic devices anytime and from anywhere.

  •  The HospitalSuccess EMR / EHR is backed up with high-end security factors to ensure the reliability of accessing and sharing the patient’s data.

  •  The users can access their health information like test reports, doctor’s prescriptions, doctor’s notes, medication details, etc.

  •  The app also allows users to communicate with their doctors through chats for quick suggestions and queries.

  •  HospitalSuccess EMR / EHR allows the users to book appointments with the doctors or cancel them from their comfortable place anytime.

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