Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Overview

ORM or Online Reputation Management refers to creating and building online reputation of a celebrity, organization, institution positively. More often than not we see videos, text, comments, tweets or any posts that are directly against them negatively, most of them could be deliberate to tarnish the image by competitors.

ORM leverages certain techniques, wherein an audit is carried out in search engine results or on social media platforms to identify the negative, derogatory comments and take appropriate steps to neutralize those comments.

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How Hospital Success helps its clients

  • Our search engine and social media experts possess enormous experience in using innovative tools to identify the negative comments and help clients with positivity.

  • The tools we use helps our experts to quickly find the derogatory comments, identify the source of origin and make sure they are neutralized quickly.

  • We also track the analytics data, analyse it thoroughly and reports are generated to take informed decisions.


How it benefits our clients

  • In a highly competitive industry such as healthcare, negative comments or videos quickly can viral which could prove detrimental for a hospital, clinic or diagnostic centre.

  • We continuously observe, monitor and track the negative comments against our client and respond to it quickly.

  • The reputation of our client is extremely important. Once the reputation is damaged it becomes very difficult to build the reputation again. We make sure the concerns raised are quickly responded before any damage is done, thus benefiting our client.