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Social Mobile Analytics Cloud

SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud) – Overview

SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud) has gained prominence and popularity in recent times. SMAC is a convergence of four top state of the art technologies combined together to help businesses improve efficiency and increase productivity.

The structured and unstructured data generated from social media platform access through mobile devices, tracked, analysed and reported through analytics with cloud performance is empowering organizing to reduce costs, increase efficiency and grow with new business opportunities.


How Hospital Success helps its clients

  • Large corporate hospitals in India and elsewhere have deployed SMAC capabilities to reduce overheads and maximize reach in patient care.

  • Our technologists with enormous experience and capabilities in SMAC technologies are creating new and innovative business opportunities in the healthcare industry.

  • We help our clients understand the ecosystem of SMAC, its benefits and how it will transform the healthcare services to patients and deploy to create the much needed competitive edge in the market.

  • We walk that extra mile to work on numerous iterations to make sure the final copy is creative, gels with our clients’ objectives.

social mobile analytics cloud

How it benefits our clients

  • The large corporate hospitals have been using more or less all four technologies but independent of each other.

  • The convergence of all of them offers insightful information, when analysed provides valuable data to take informed decision.

  • This significantly reduces time to market, costs, risks, and improves efficiency. This is precisely we offer and help our clients.