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Digitalization in every field has been leading to more innovations and discoveries of new platforms. Almost everything has been made accessible through the means of the internet which makes the users avail the services at your doorsteps.

Keeping that in mind, HospitalSuccess has come up with a Telemedicine platform which allows the patients to consult a doctor online and avail their services. The main aim behind the HospitalSuccess’s Telemedicine platform is to make healthcare services accessible to everyone and ion every region remotely.

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HospitalSuccess Telemedicine features:

  • The doctors with significant expertise can be consulted online by the patients in necessary cases.

  • The HospitalSuccess Telemedicine platform can be executed as a remote healthcare facility. A well-trained paramedical staff will help to follow the doctor’s instructions effective and treat the patients.

  • The prescription and other details will be provided in an electronic format straight from the doctor’s side in a downloadable and printable format.

  • The consultation through HospitalSuccess Telemedicine platform has been equipped to carry out the whole process through video call in high quality (HQ).

  • The telemedicine platform is designed and has been provided with appropriate support and development for error-free and high-quality video consultation.

  • The HospitalSuccess along with paramedical staff can be used as a remote healthcare service at manufacturing and production companies and other possible places.

  • The HospitalSuccess telemedicine platform services can be availed for providing healthcare services through Corporate Social responsibility programs.

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