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After listening to Simon Sinek talking about his theory called The Golden Circle at Ted Talk made me realize the importance of Why, How and What in terms of marketing strategy. Being in the healthcare Brand building, I started figuring out the relation between Healthcare and The Golden Circle. After thorough research, I found that the Golden Circle will be fruitful enough to uplift the Healthcare Brand for any Hospital & Healthcare Startup.

What is The Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is referred to a Marketing Theory proposed by famous the best-selling author, Simon Sinek at a Ted Talk. He proposed the theory based on buyers’ persona and their journey that is covered by explaining three words namely Why, How and What. He explained the importance of explaining your product or services in a manner that they explain the three parameters to create more impact on the buyers’ mind and attract them towards an action.

How the Golden Circle helps in building your healthcare brand?

The Golden Circle consisting of three words why, how and what will help you market and promote your products or services in almost every field, including healthcare. The technique when used according can help you promote your healthcare brand effectively and build it by gaining the audience’s trust and interest in your products and services.

If you have planned to market your healthcare brand, you can follow the below points to explain the audience regarding its necessity, use, and benefits. The below points will explain the three stages which should be used similarly to promote your healthcare brand.

The Golden Circle for Healthcare Branding

Layer 1: Why?

In this part, you need to begin explaining your product with a background story. A story consisting of a cause will help you attract your audience’s interest and call for action from their side. An emotional story will strongly connect the patient or the audience with your brand.

For example, Dr. Adam is a healthcare professional who provides medical services at lower costs. You can promote Dr. Adam’s practices and services in the following manner

“To counter the financial burden of the patients in the healthcare industry, Dr. Adam’s mission is to make healthcare services affordable and accessible to everyone.”

The motive when explained in such manner creates an emotional effect and a soft impact on the audience’s mind and attracts them towards your healthcare products or services.

Layer 2: How?

The How part of the Golden Circle deals with the solution part. Let us consider the above-mentioned example. Here Dr. Adam’s motive is to counter the financial crisis in the healthcare industry. As part of the solution, he started providing medical services at the lowest possible prices. This part can be continued as

“Taking this problem as a responsibility, Dr. Adam provides medical services at the lowest possible and affordable prices”

Layer 3: What?

In this part, you need to explain your products and services. You need to explain efficiently that you cover all the major things and provide adequate information to the audiences. Let us say that Dr. Adam’s medical services include general medicine, general surgery, and diagnostics. These things can be included in the campaign as simple as possible.

Now coming to the output, you can explain the above situation in any of the below two formats.

  1. Why-How-What: To counter the financial burden of the patients in the healthcare industry, Dr. Adam’s mission is to make healthcare services affordable and accessible to everyone. To execute his mission, Dr. Adam started providing medical services at the lowest possible and affordable prices to ensure the improvement in healthcare standards and accessibility. He offers cost-effective medical services like general medicine & surgery and diagnostic services.
  2. What-How-Why: Dr. Adam provides cost-effective general medicine, surgery, and diagnostic services. He offers his services at the lowest cost to make sure that the healthcare services are accessible to everyone as well as improve their standards after he has seen the financial burden being faced by the poor patients and their families.

You can promote your brand in any of the above-mentioned manners, but as far as my view is concerned, I would recommend you to go with the Why-How-What format. This is because it begins with a motive and initiative that will attract the users and connect to your brand emotionally.

The Golden Circle, when used to promote your healthcare brand, helps in building it by gaining people’s trust and is proved to be efficient in calling them for action.

Apart from the above tactics, it is also necessary that how consistently you create your brand buzz? For consistent marketing and brand promotion, you need to effectively distribute your brand presence through possible mediums. To know more about hospital marketing, brand building & reputation management strategies and services, contact us by sending an email at

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