Advanced Healthcare Website – Options that Improve Your Online Presence and Patient Experience

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Healthcare websites have been an identity to the brand of the healthcare provider. A better website not only provides a medium to market your healthcare brand online but also helps to convey the appropriate message behind your services and so do explain them. With the latest developments, you can also add some of the options to your hospital website that provide a convenient way for the patients to simplify some of the processes. For example, adding a payment gateway to your hospital website allows the patient to make the payment for their services through their comfortable payment modes either by credit card, debit card or any of the available means.

In this article, let us discuss some of the upgrades that HospitalSuccess can offer you to make your hospital website more professional. The following are the add-ons that can be developed and attached to your hospital website without affecting its performance:

1. Online patient management

The patient portal is a login based platform offered to the patients which allows them to access their hospital information. This includes access to the test results and reports, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, etc. Advance options at the patient portal include contacting your healthcare provider through chats or audio or video calls. Patient portals allow the patients to manage their healthcare information as well as provide a convenient way to connect to the healthcare provider.

2. Convenient bill payment methods

Bill payments can be a hectic process either for the patient or their attendants which may require a lot of time and/or efforts for completion. But having a digital means to make the bill payments can make a great difference in providing a better patient experience.

At HospitalSuccess, we provide you with a billing solution through your Hospital website. The patients can make the payments for their treatments or services by logging in to the payment portal by providing specific patient details. The payment platform allows the patients to make the payments through credit cards, debit cards or online checking. To avoid any errors and leaking of the payment details shared by the patients, the payment gateway is secured by appropriate safety levels and encryptions. This allows the patients to make convenient bill payments through a reliable source.

3. Easy scheduling of appointments for doctor consultation

Scheduling an appointment for doctor consultation can be simplified through simple clicks by adding a convenient option on your hospital website. This allows the patients to know about the doctor, their experience, their timings, and availabilities. The users can visit the website online and fill in some fields by providing their basic information, select the appropriate doctor and fix an appointment. The users can also cancel their visits in case they want.

The above-mentioned options can be added to your hospital website to provide a convenient, safe, secure and reliable way to help you provide your patients with the utmost comfort and convenience.

To develop your hospital or healthcare organization’s website or to know more regarding the designing and development, send us an email with your queries at At HospitalSuccess, we begin our services by understanding our client requirements and providing them the best suitable solutions. The teams involved in designing and developing the website targets all the areas that need to be considered to make the website perform better in terms of online visibility, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

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